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Are you a passionate cyclist? Are you open-minded? Do you encourage others to get involved in riding more? Do you want to help others achieve their riding goals?

If so, Souplesse is looking for you as one of our official ambassadors!


What do I need to do to become a Souplesse ambassador?

Souplesse ambassadors are positive-minded individuals who are rooted in local cycling scenes and encourage others to pursue their sporting goals, no matter the level or background of the rider. We’re looking for people who want to meet other cyclists and create local communities through group rides, encouraging others to show up to local events, and a shared vision of what it means to be a cyclist.

Do I need to have a huge social media following?

You don’t need 100k+ followers, and cycling is not a beauty contest. What we’re really looking for is a positive, inclusive mindset and a knowledge of the local cycling scene. Being active on social media with high engagement is an important factor, but it is far from the only thing we are looking for.

What are the benefits of being a Souplesse Ambassador?

Souplesse ambassadors not only have steep discounts on select kit and gear, but also are able to earn through referral programs.

What are the responsibilities of being a Souplesse Ambassador?

Your public image (both online and off), must adhere to Souplesse brand & team guidelines.

Most importantly, “If you ride a bike, you are a cyclist”

Souplesse encourages all people to set goals and work to achieve them, no matter if they race, commute, ride for fitness, or all of the above.

Souplesse strongly believes in equal opportunites for people of all backgrounds, genders, nationalities, races, and sexual orientations. Souplesse strongly condemns hate speech in any and all forms and has a zero tolerance policy toward ambassadors or team members who incite hate or violence toward others.

How do I apply to become an ambassador?

If you share our views on how cycling should be, we’d love to hear from you! Send us a brief note including your contact info, where you live, how you can make a positive impact in your community, and your social media account names to


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